dmxusbpro - DMX 512 external for Max

WARNING: The dmxusbpro external is 'end of life' and should not be used for new projects! It was originally developed for Max4.5 and has not been updated ever since.

The dmxusbpro external for Max gives access to the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface and allows to send or receive DMX 512 data. Thus its possible to use Max as lighting controller for theatre or interactive installations.

dmxusbpro features (version 1.5):

  • send or receive up to 512 channels of DMX data
  • user setable refresh rate
  • user setable start-code
  • user setable break and mark-after-break time
  • update the firmware of the interface
  • query available serial ports to find connected interfaces
  • query device's serial number

More information about the features and how to use this external can be found in the dmxusbpro manual (203 kBytes ).


The dmxusbpro external works with the 'USB DMX Pro' interface only! It also works with the 'DMX USB Pro Mk2' but will not support any of it's new features. There are no plans to add support for the new features of the Mk2 interface.
The 'Open DMX USB' interface is not supported by this external.

To run the Max version of the dmxusbpro external Max 4.5 or later on Mac OS X or Windows is required. Mac OS 9 and older versions of Max are not supported. A Univeral Binary for Intel Macs running Max 4.6 is available. There is a new version for Max5. However, the older versions also work in Max5.
Some people have reported it works in Max6 as well, others says it doesn't work in Max6. The same goes for Max7 and 8 (some report it works, others say it reboots their machine or fails to find the device, but usually people don't say which operating system this is on). - Again, there are no plans to update this external to "work" with Max6, 7 or 8.


In order to use this external you need to install the VCP driver from the FTDI website. It will not work with the D2XX driver that is used with Enttec's PRO-Manager!


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