Canon DSLR RAW to DPX/OpenEXR converter

In stop-motion animation and timelapse photography RAW still-image formats from DSLRs commonly need to be converted to image sequences or movie files. crw2dpx makes this a simple one-step process:

  • crw2dpx for Linux, Windows and OS X converts Canon CR2 RAW files into DPX, OpenEXR or TIFF image sequences. Additionally it can export QuickTime and AVI movie files using a variety of built-in codecs. It provides full 32bit floating-point image calculations and parallel processing on multiple CPU cores.

Blackmagic Fusion Plugins

Plugins for Blackmagic Fusion 8.2 or 9.0:

  • CineForm Plugin for Linux, Windows and OS X to load and save CineForm compressed DPX files (aka. DPX-C) and CineForm encoded QuickTime movies.

Assimilate SCRATCH Plugins

Plugins for Assimilate SCRATCH v9:

  • SpaGLSL Plugin for Windows and OS X to run OpenGL (GLSL) shader code as an image processing node.

Externals for Max/MSP

  • dmxusbpro is an external for sending and receiving DMX512 light control data through the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface connected to your computer's USB port

I also have a Pure Data (PD) for IRIX version available. It was compiled on an SGI Octane R12k 300MHz machine using GCC 3.3.


VST and AU Plug-Ins

Some Plug-Ins for audio editing / processing are available in VST 2.4 and AudioUnit format. There's currently Artificial Double Tracking (ADT), a Plate Reverb called 'PoorPlate' and RIAA equalization.


Audio Software

Stand-alone Audio Software for converting and playing DSDIFF files.