For whatever reason I usually end up building strange control interfaces or combining technologies that officially don't seem to fit together. Examples include controlling the throttle of a racing car through a DMX light board, open fridge doors with windscreen wiper motors (triggered by calling a dedicated phone number) or sending people an SMS when they leave a building.

  • CinemaDNG Plug-In for Piranha 8 - A GPU-based Plug-In for loading CinemaDNG sequences into Piranha 8 by Interactive FX. The debayering and all image processing is done on the GPU using OpenGL. Even 2.5k CinemaDNG files can be played in realtime on a fairly average computer.
  • Mobile Explorer - A GPS-based software platform (server system and client applications for iPhone and Windows Mobile) for location aware delivery of multimedia content.
  • Flink - A social networking system for the Doc/Fest documentary film festival in Sheffield (UK). Among other things, the system allows people to exchange 'virtual business cards' by swiping their RFID delegate passes at dedicated consoles.
  • Fountain in Barleben - I wrote the software for a fountain which, apart from controlling water pumps, required to run "light waves" over about 160 custom-made glass light-blocks in the pavement. Probably the largest Max/MSP controlled object in the world.
  • The Truth is Catching - An RFID-based augmented reality game developed for Doc/Fest documentary film festival in Sheffield (UK). All delegates received an RFID card that allowed them to take part in the game using consoles that were spread all over the festival area.
  • GfZK-3 - This is a project realized in 2008 for the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig that explored possibilities to use SMS messages to access information in an exhibition. While being at the museum you can 'bookmark' things that interest you and once back at home you log into a website and can view the bookmarked information (texts, videos...).
  • Staalplaat Soundsystem - I have been involved with Staalplaat Soundsystem since 2003 when they were asked by European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück to make an installation that people could interact with using their mobile phones. Since that time we've done several installations using GSM modems and DMX to control our 'instruments'.
  • Timelines - A RFID based tracking system that allows people attending a conference or similar meetings to find other people they share interests and ideas with. My job was to write software that receives the raw data from RFID readers and calculate the user's location inside a bulding. The system also sends out SMS to the users.
    An updated version for b.tween08 in Manchester (UK) included a public chat system that could also be used by sending SMS from any mobile phone.
  • Babylove - Drive around in oversized teacups... until the singing babies drive you crazy. My job here was to make the babies sing (they have MacMini computers with Max/MSP inside) and to coordinate the overall signal flow between teacups, babies, a user console and two servers.
  • radiosimulator - A German-Polish radio project.
  • Radio Copernicus - This was a 6 month project in 2005 which involved touring with a complete radio station (studio, crew, our own FM transmitter..) through Germany and Poland, making 6 hours of life program every day.
  • Mädchenmörder Brunke - A literature / streaming project involving audio livestreams from 6 locations in Germany and Austria and two networked sound installations in Berlin.


If you think you could need my input on a project you're working on, contact me. My skills include (low-level) programming in C (and various of its dialects), PHP and other web stuff as well as electronic and mechanics knowledge to build complex control systems and hardware for user interaction.


Private activities include panoramic photography (using ready-made and home-built panoramic cameras) among other things.