SpaGLSL Plugin for Assimilate SCRATCH

This is a free (as in beer) plugin for Assimilate SCRATCH that allows to execute OpenGL shader code (GLSL stored in a text file) as an image processing node. It mimics the way the GLSL shader node in SGO Mistika and Mamba FX works and exactly the same shaders can be used.

This plugin is meant for fast prototyping of shader code. You can just update the GLSL shader with a text editor and then simply re-load the file inside the plugin.
If you're looking for a way to write more advanced custom effects for SCRATCH, check the Matchbox shaders. They allow more sophisticated rendering options (like multi-pass rendering) and provide options to have a customized user-interface.

The ZIP archive contains binaries for Windows and Mac plus a few sample shaders that can also be used in SGO Mistika.



The "Dots" sample GLSL in SCRATCH.