netsend~ for Max/MSP and Pure Data

Commissioned by the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal, Canada, I developed streaming externals for Max/MSP and Pure Data that allow high quality, uncompressed multichannel audio to be transmitted over LAN or Internet2 with very low latency.

In analogy to Pd's native netsend and netreceive externals these are called netsend~ and netreceive~. Functionality and usage are quite similar to the standard netsend externals, except the fact that these objects work with up to 32 audio channels instead of control signals.
Audio is uncompressed and thus requires large bandwidth. If you're looking for objects to stream audio over the Internet this is not what you want! However, streaming over Internet2 or local 10Mbit or even wireless networks works very well. Both TCP/IP and UDP are supported as transport protocol.

The objects are compatible between Max/MSP and Pd so that audio can be exchanged between both programs and several different platforms.
Each package comes with the complete sourcecode (under GPL license) to build the objects for any supported platform.

WARNING: this is an alpha release that might still contain some bugs or behave in an unpredictable way! Use at your own risk!

NOTE: I once was working on a 'new' versions of these objects (in fact are more or less complete rewrite from ground up, just keeping the name) that will hopefully overcome some of the limitations, especially when streaming through WLAN. So please treat the ones here as 'unsupported'.
Development of this new version still needs financial funding!


© 2004-2005 Olaf Matthes