flashserver - communication between Max/MSP and Flash

The flashserver external for Max/MSP allows for bidirectional communication between Max/MSP 4.5 or later and Macromedia Flash 5.0 or later.
falshserver was written by Olaf Matthes. Have a look at a screenshot to get an impression how it looks like. There are a few known bugs, but don't expect them to get fixed anytime soon.

WARNING: if you get crashes when using flashserver, check the CPU usage of your Flash movie! Many people sent me example patches that were crashing because Flash was eating up 97% of available CPU power. Also, if Flash is busy doing other things, it won't be able to receive any data sent to it resulting in 'client blocked XX milliseconds' error messages.


At the moment flashserver isn't available.


  • flashserver documentation (233k) - a flashserver how-to that is showing aspects of usage in Max and example code for Flash's ActionScripting (a work in progress that in parts also applies to version 1.0)
  • MaxMSPserver - a Flash Component made by Leo van der Veen that "makes it very easy to connect Macromedia's Flash to Max/MSP, just drag and drop the component in your *.fla and type in the IP and port numbers..." (requires Flash MX 2004)
  • flashserver.as - a Flash ActionScript example file made by Leo van der Veen that illustrates how to connect to flashserver from any Flash Movie

See flashserver in use:

  • Sale Away by Staalplaat Soundsystem - flashserver is used for a graphical user interface (i.e. "Archy", the mobile-phone robot) inside a man-sized fridge
  • timeline demo - "It's a first conceptual sketch of how a graphical control interface with network capability built using Flash might look", made by Graham Wakefield
  • PosNeg - a kind of yin-yang game called PosNeg by André Rangel
  • If you are using flashserver please drop me a line since I'd like to see what you are doing with it!

System Requirements:

To run the flashserver object Max/MSP 4.3 or newer on OS X or Windows is needed. Mac OS 9 and versions of Max/MSP prior to 4.3 are not supported. Version 1.1 requires Max 4.5 or newer.
To connect to flashserver from your Flash Movie at least Flash 5.0 (or Flash Lite 2.1 on mobile devices) is needed. The examples provided are in Flash 5.0 file format unless they use any features that require newer versions.

If you have questions, comments and suggestions concerning flashserver please contact me.

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© 2007 by Olaf Matthes