crw2dpx GUI

The new GUI based "light" version of crw2dpx has arrived! Using the same floating-point RAW processing engine crw2dpx GUI combines the most commonly needed functionality with an easy to use graphical interface.

Latest Version:

Older Versions:

You can purchase a license from within the application using PayPal. The license costs 24.95 EUR and will only work on the machine it was ordered from. Free updates for all upcoming 1.x versions are included.

crw2dpx CLI

Canon CR2 RAW format conversion to typical cine file formats and image sequences like DPX, Cineon and EXR: For professional use requiring high image quality, fast processing and usability on a render farm the command line tool crw2dpx is available for OS X and Linux. It features 32bit floating point image path, multi-CPU parallel processing and custom LUT support.


  • works with Canon CR2 RAW files
  • floating point RAW conversion, keeping all highlight and shadow detail
  • crop / scale image using high quality algorithm
  • sharpening (USM) with edge detection
  • deblur to compensate effect of OLP filter
  • automatic dead / hot pixel detection and fixing
  • flip image, in case camera was mounted upside down
  • apply 1D or 3D LUT (supported LUT formats are Truelight Cube v2.0 and Rising Sun Research's cineSpace LUTs)
  • customizable black and white reference for 10bit log conversion
  • convert from camera color space to (s)RGB with D65 or D55 white point or ACES color space
  • export to different file formats simultaneously
  • merge two exposures into one HDR frame
  • fix blown highlights (remove magenta cast)
  • timecode burn-in
  • specify the number of CPU cores to be used for parallel processing

Output Formats

  • DPX: 10bit log, 10bit Rec709, 16bit linear
  • Cineon: 10bit log
  • OpenEXR: 16bit half, 32bit float, selectable compression
  • TIFF: 8bit sRGB, 8bit Rec709, 16bit linear, 32bit linear float
  • Targa (.tga), SGI (.rgb), Radiance (.hdr)
  • AVI: v210 (10bit 4:2:2 YCbCr), UYVY (8bit 4:2:2 YCbCr)
  • QuickTime: v210 (Linux only, requires libquicktime to be installed)
  • IFX Piranha ARC 8bit Rec709, 10bit log and 16bit half

Please note that LUT support is only available for 10bit DPX / Cineon output. If supported by the selected file format, all output files will have metadata (such as timecode, frame number, camera make and model) embedded.

Floating Point

Once the RAW image data has been extracted from the RAW files all image processing is done with a 32bit floating point pipeline. Thus, instead of clipping all values below the camera's black level and above its white-point, files converted with crw2dpx retain all image data provided by the camera sensor.

System Requirements

  • OS X: 10.5 or later (32bit or 64bit) on Intel Mac, at least 2GB RAM
  • Linux: Debian / Ubuntu / RHEL / CentOS, 64bit on Intel or AMD, at least 2GB RAM

Please contact me for further information and details on licensing. A demo version is available on request.


© 2007 by Olaf Matthes