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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Your VST Plug-In doesn't work correctly in ProTools using VST wrapper!

A: Right! That's a known "bug". I say it's the fault of VST wrapper and the VST wrapper guys say it's my fault. I'm too lazy to fix it, sorry.


Q: Your VST Plug-In doesn't work correctly in ProTools using VST wrapper, so will there be a RTAS version then?

A: No. I'm too lazy and don't want to deal with companies that want me to beg in order to get a license for their API.


Q: Your ADT AudioUnit Plug-In doesn't show up in Logic (or some other host application)!

A: The ADT Plug-In is a Mono to Stereo Plug-In. You can only insert it in Mono channels. Some hosts allow to also insert it in Stereo channels, but you have to press option key (in Logic) or do other magic tricks (consult the manual of your host) to do so. Ableton Live reports "This Audio Unit Plug-In is not compatible. Failed to initialize." in such a case.
The Mono / Stereo check is usually ignored with VST Plug-Ins. The host then usually feeds a Mono sum of the Stereo signal to the Plug-In. So in case you can't get the AU to work simply use the VST version.
Due to the fact that there seem to be quite a lot of AudioUnit hosts that don't allow for Mono to Stere Plug-Ins the ADT AudioUnit from version 1.0.7 on now also works on Stereo tracks. However, the two tracks just get summed to Mono! So beware the comb filter effect when feeding it with a real Stereo track.


Q: Your ADT AudioUnit Plug-In doesn't initialize in Ableton Live!

A: If you get "This Audio Unit Plug-In is not compatible. Failed to initialize." see answer above and use the VST version.


Q: What's the deal with the 64 bit signal processing in VST Plug-In?

A: Some host applications allow to process audio samples in 64bit floating point format, instead of the usual 32bit. This results in higher audio quality (and slightly slower performance).
All VST Plug-Ins implement a 64bit signal processing routine to allow to take advantage of this higher resolution audio in case your host supports it.


Q: Do the Plug-Ins work on Windows x64 systems?

A: Maybe. I Don't have such a system to test them on, but I provide extra binaries compiled for x64 machines. Please report if you have any trouble with them.


Q: Do the Plug-Ins work in 64-bit Mac OS X host applications like Logic 9.1?

A: Yes. The Mac binaries are Universal Binaries that contain 32-bit and 64-bit versions (for PPC and Intel). The only difference between them is the compiler, you can expect them to sound the same.


Q: Why do the Plug-Ins come without a nice looking GUI?

A: There are several reasons for that: 1) coding a GUI takes time, time that I prefer to spend on the beach or improving the audio code / writing new Plug-Ins. 2) Since the Plug-Ins support several platforms there would have to be several GUIs, using different technology for each platform. 3) I believe that a GUI makes the music sound worse! Think about it, back in the days where hardware boxes had a rotary knob labeled with a scale from 0 to 10 people used to turn the knob until it sounded right. The more visual feedback you get the more you think about which value you are selecting and why, instead of just listening.


Q: Will you support other Plug-In architectures like DirectX or RTAS?

A: Probably not (unless somebody pays me to do so).


If you have questions or comments don't hesitate to email to info /at/

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