As a by-product of a larger project (including a fully discrete DSD D/A converter and DSD-USB interface) I made a DSD converter software that converts 1-bit 64fs and 128fs DSDIFF, DSF and raw DSD files into LPCM AIFF / WAVE files. Output sample rates (44.1k - 352.8k) and bit-depth (16bit or 24bit int, 32bit or 64bit float) can be chosen. A flat TPDF dither is applied to the output data.
The DSDConverter works on OS X 10.5 or later on Intel machines. Conversion is done using a rather long filter; the reason for writing the code was quality, not execution speed. Consequently, execution time on a 2GHz CPU is about two minutes for one minute of 64fs stereo data converted to 44.1kHz 16bit.


For playing DSDIFF files on OS X there is a DSDIFF QuickTime Component available. It only works on Intel Macs with QuickTime 7.x and only 64fs DSDIFF files with 1 to 6 channels are supported. No support inside iTunes and no support for newer QuickTime versions. Thanks to Apple the code was already obsolete before it was finished... The DSD data gets converted to 352.8k 32bit PCM which QuickTime then downsamples to whatever your soundcard supports. Conversion is optimised for speed, not quality.