crw2dpx GUI 1.3

2014-11-04 20:50:26: Finally crw2dpx GUI v1.3 is out! New features include extra resize algorithms, some new output file formats (ZIPS compressed OpenEXR, among others), faster rendering... [more]

crw2dpx GUI 1.2.1

2014-05-07 23:57:20: An update for the floating-point RAW converter crw2dpx GUI is available now. Among other things, it includes addition of a second debayering algorithm and selectable deblur strength, so make sure you check the 'Preferences' window! [more]

crw2dpx GUI for Linux

2013-07-17 00:36:28: The floating-point RAW converter crw2dpx GUI is now also available for 64bit Linux running on Intel and AMD machines. Supported Linux distributions include Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL and CentOS 6. [more]

crw2dpx GUI for OS X

2013-01-14 15:13:14: The new GUI based "light" version of crw2dpx has arrived! Using the same floating-point RAW processing engine crw2dpx GUI combines the most commonly needed functionality with an easy to use graphical interface. [more]

dmxusbpro 1.4 for Max5

2010-01-04 11:36:14: Before I get even more emails I'll update my website: there is a Max5 SDK out there for quite some time now. And for almost as long there is a Max5 version of dmxusbpro. It doesn't do anything new compared to the previous Max 4.6 version but real geeks want it anyway because it has a higher version number. [more]

dmxusbpro 1.4beta1 for Max5 (OS X only)

2008-08-14 19:15:15: There is still no SDK for developing Max5 externals, but I figured out how to compile a Max5 specific external on OS X using some of the new features. Registered dmxusbpro users can download the new 1.4beta1 version from the download area. Due to the way things work there is no chance to make a Windows version without the SDK, so Windows users have to wait for the release of the SDK... [more]


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